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  December 2020  


I love my church, and I will not stop believing God has full control of this congregation.

When everything seems in COVID chaos, I will remember He is always in control.

I love my church, and I will pray for my pastor every day.

Pastors are confronted with decisions and conflict daily. I will pray for them regularly.

I love my church, and I will not get into fights and feuds over masks and similar issues.

When I act like Christ, I always put others before myself.

I love my church, and I will attend faithfully.

Now is the time for the body of Christ to come together. I will be a part of that reunion.

I love my church, and I will continue to support her.

I will give abundantly and serve joyfully. My commitment will not wane in trying times.

I love my church, and I will point others to my congregation.

I will invite people enthusiastically and be a gospel bearer every week.

I love my church, and I will not engage in gossip and negative conversations.

When others attempt to engage me, I will walk away or offer positive words instead.

I love my church, and I will be an encourager to others.

I will intentionally encourage through spoken words, notes, and social media.

I love my church, because Christ loves my church.

My commitment is firm in good times and in the stresses of COVID.

I truly believe God has a better future for my congregation.

In His power and strength, I will be a part of it.

Thom S. Rainer


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Wednesday Bible Study Cancel Tonight

Good Day Everyone, 

Brother David has taken Claudia to the hospital with pneumonia / covid symptoms.  Tonight's Bible study is cancelled.  Please pray for David and Claudia.    God Bless,  Marty

Candle Light Service

Glorious Light of Christmas  - Bright Dawn of Redeeming Grace

The Flora Vista Baptist praise team will be presenting the Christmas Musical -  GLORIOUS LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS.  The songs in this program are beautiful and shares the hope and promise that came down to earth in the form of a Baby on that first Christmas night so long ago. Come sing and celebrate the glorious light of God’s love this Christmas, during our Christmas Eve Service. The candlelight service will be December 24th from 6-7 pm.  The service will include worship, music , stockings filled with gifts  and a  candlelight ceremony to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Christmas Stockings

Stocking Giveaway:

FVBC will be  preparing 72 stockings to give away again this year at our candlelight Christmas eve service.  We will have 24 stockings for  children, 24 stockings for teens and 24 stockings for adults, filled with gifts, fruit and candy.  The children and teen stockings will be given out during the service and the adult stockings are available after the service to take either for yourself or  to share with someone that  was not able to attend and could use some Christmas joy, such as your neighbor or someone that is shut in and needs their sprits lifted.   Any children or teen stockings remaining  will also be available for you to take to any child or teen you feel would benefit by receiving a gift of love.


Guest Preachers in December

Michael Morrison preachinh about "The Availability of Your Calling" - December 6th

Scott Morrison preaching about "Transition" - December 13th - 

Michael Morrision - December 20th

David Piper - December 27th 

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